Frequently Asked Questions

Wedding Invitation Ordering Issues
Wedding Invitation Shipping Issues
Wedding Invitation Etiquette

What's included in the price?

If you buy invitation card, these items are included in the price : invitation card , free response card, free outer envelope and response envelope.

About order cancellation?

Please contact us within 12 hours after you order if you need to cancel your order.

What type of payment methods do you accept?

We accept Paypal,Visa Card,Master Card,Discover Card,American Express,E Check(If you use E-Check, the process will take up to 4 business days due to clearance process.) and Western Union(If you want to use Western Union, you can contact us for further information)

Should I order extra envelopes?

If you buy invitation card, the outter envelopes are already included in the order. Besides, part of our standard services also include extra envelopes. The number of extra envelopes is dependent on the quantity of invitations ordered. If you require more, you can directly order envelopes online.(It is not applicable to folded wedding invitations. If you want to order more envelops, you can contact us.)

Quantity of invitations you ordered Quantity of outter envelopes we give for free
30-59 +2
60-79 +4
80-109 +6
110-159 +8
160-209 +15
210 +20
over 210 +20

Can I make changes on my order once you receive it?

If you've sent your order and you've found you've made a mistake, please connect with us immediately. We will confirm the status of your order, and will let you know if a change can be made. Please note additional fees may be required to stop your order to make a change. We will do our best to make your changes before your order is processed. Because of our fast turnaround time, we can't guarantee that we'll be able to intercept or change any order once it has reached our plant. It's crucial that you make sure your order is correct and final before you place it. This will help avoid the process and cost of reprinting.

Can I change the color or size of an invitation you show?

The sizes designs of the invitations we sell in our online catalog are available only as shown in the photos, but you can change the color according to our color card.

Can you print English and foreign language on one invitation?

Yes, we can print your invitations in a foreign language, as long as it uses the English alphabet. If your foreign language does not use the English alphabet, please e-mail us and and we will give you special pricing and let you know how to go about ordering your invitations.

Can I have my invitation wording printed in a typestyle other than what is shown?

Yes! Choose a lettering style that catches your eye and matches your wedding style. Your lettering style should complement the invitation ensemble you choose. All your wedding stationery should be printed with the same lettering style to create a truly complementary ensemble.

Can I use my own wedding verse other than what is shown?

Yes! When you place an order, you can fill in the blank(after you click the "Check Out" button, you will see an blank named as "Special Instructions or Comments About Your Order") with your specific requirement. Other wise, after you place an order, please email us or contact our Live Chat as soon as possible.

About the color?

Colors vary slightly due to the manufacturing process specific to each product. Although it is impossible to achieve an exact color match for every item, small variations in color serve to enhance the overall effect of your color scheme. Products seen on the online catalog do not always represent an identical color match. Color reproduction is limited by various situations beyond our control such as the hue/contrast settings on your monitor.

What shipping methods do you use?

We accept international orders. Our standard shipping methods are USP (expedite delivery) and shipping time is about 4~5 workdays (depending upon your location). UPS tracking number will be emailed to you once the order is on its way.

Can I ship to A P.O. BOX?

No, we do not ship to P.O. Boxes, so you will need to provide a physical address.

Will my order require asignature?

FedEx/UPS Express Air orders will require a signature. Please ensure someone is available to sign for the package.

Can I track my Order after it is sent out?

Yes, after we have shipped your Order, you will receive the tracking number to follow your Order while enroute to you. This tracking information will be maintained in your paypal email and instructions on how to access this information will be sent to you with the tracking number.

If my order is shipping overseas, how long will it take for me to receive it?

Once we receive your order it takes two business days to process your order. Shipping usually takes two to three business days. So, you would have your order in five to six business days after you approve the proofs. Again, this is assuming there are no changes or problems on your order.

I need my cards as soon as possible. Do you take rush orders?

We will try our best to accommodate your schedule. After reviewing details of your order, we will let you know whether it can be completed within your requested time frame.

Do you offer a free catalog?

Unfortunately because we offer so many wedding invitations, our supplier has not provided us with a paper catalogue. All the styles are shown on our site.

Where do I put my return address on a wedding invitation?

Etiquette says that a return address on a wedding invitation should be written on the back flap. It can either be printed or handwritten. NOTE: you should always handwrite your guests' addresses.

When should I order my wedding invitations?

Invitations should be ordered at least four months before the wedding. Engraved and letterpress invitations should be ordered four to five months in advance.

When should we mail our wedding invitations?

Invitations should be mailed 8-10 weeks before the wedding. Take into account mailing time so that you may need to mail people living farther away earlier than others. A summer mailing for a fall wedding should be sent so that guests receive them nine to ten weeks before the date since people may be vacationing and will open their mail later than usual.

Whose names should be included on the invitation?

Traditionally, only the bride's parents' names are listed at the top of the invitation if they are hosting, and paying for, the entire event. In these more modern times, if the groom's parents are paying for almost half of the wedding, you may honor their help and the fact that they are co-hosting the wedding by also putting their names at the top of the invitation. If they are only paying for a few minor (expected) things you may want to honor the groom and his parents by including them on the invitation as "son of Mr. and Mrs. George W. Smith".

Are reply cards necessary?

Reply sets are a necessary evil for any first-time wedding for over 50 people or more. There are ways to lessen the "fill-in-the-blank" look of the card while still providing a practical means of response.

If two people live in the same house, should I send one invitation or two?

It depends on their relationship. If they are a couple, send one invitation, and address it with their names alphabetically on separate lines. If they are simply housemates, they should receive two separate invitations. Children under the age of 18 may be included on the invitation with their parents. Children over 18 living with their parents should receive separate invites.

How many programs should I order?

To determine how many programs you need, count exactly how many guests will attend and order one for each guest plus a few extras for guests you may have overlooked, as well as keepsakes for yourself!